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Comprehensive Design Services for your BusinesS

From Idea to Market: Your One-Stop Solution for Product Design, Prototyping, Testing, Packaging, and Sourcing

At LimeZign, we're dedicated to helping businesses like yours transform their innovative ideas into successful, market-ready products. Our comprehensive design services cover everything from product design, prototyping, and testing to packaging, sourcing, and bringing your product to market. We strive to streamline the product development process, enabling you to focus on what truly matters: growing your business.

Product Design & Prototyping

Our designers are committed to working hand-in-hand with you to create a captivating, functional, and user-friendly product design that captivates your target audience. By focusing on understanding your vision, we ensure that every aspect of the design process aligns with your brand identity and market needs, resulting in a product that stands out and succeeds in the competitive landscape. To bring your product vision to life, we offer a comprehensive range of design services, which include:

  1. Idea Consultation: We'll listen to your vision and provide expert feedback to help you refine your product idea.

  2. Concept Development: We'll help you create detailed sketches and develop a compelling design concept that aligns with your brand identity and target market.

  3. 3D Modeling & Rendering: Our experts will generate photorealistic 3D models and renderings to bring your design to life, allowing for better visualization and presentation of your product.

  4. Design Iteration & Optimization: We'll collaborate with you on design revisions and refinements, ensuring your product design meets your expectations and is optimized for manufacturing and usability.

  5. Design for Manufacturing (DFM): Our team will assess your design to ensure it is ready for efficient and cost-effective production, considering factors such as materials, manufacturing processes, and assembly techniques.

3D Printed protoypes and industrial design sketches.
Wind tunnel CFD validation model. Testing at Wichita State Wind tunnel
Prototyping & Testing

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your product not only looks great but also performs exceptionally. Through a meticulous prototyping and testing process, we validate the functionality, usability, and safety of your product, making certain it meets the needs of your target audience and complies with industry standards. We help you refine your product design and prepare it for a successful market launch. Our prototyping and testing services encompass the following key areas:

  1. Prototyping: We'll create functional prototypes, allowing you to evaluate and refine your product design before moving to production.

  2. Performance Testing: We'll conduct comprehensive performance tests to verify that your product meets or exceeds its specifications.

  3. Usability Testing: Our team will evaluate the user experience, identify potential issues, and provide actionable feedback to optimize your product.

  4. Compliance & Safety Testing: We'll ensure your product complies with all relevant regulations and safety standards.


Our designers understand the power of compelling packaging in capturing consumer attention and enhancing the overall product experience. We work closely with you to develop innovative, visually striking, and eco-friendly packaging solutions that effectively communicate your brand values and product features. By considering both functionality and aesthetics, we create packaging designs that not only protect your product but also set it apart from the competition. Our packaging services include:

  1. Packaging Design: We'll create a custom packaging design that showcases your brand and product effectively.

  2. Material Selection & Sourcing: We'll help you choose the right packaging materials and find reliable suppliers to ensure your packaging is both functional and cost-effective.

  3. Compliance & Sustainability: We'll ensure your packaging meets all relevant regulations while incorporating sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact.

Packaging Design Illustration

Our sourcing specialist is dedicated to helping you secure the highest-quality materials and manufacturing partners at competitive prices. By thoroughly researching and vetting suppliers, we ensure that your product's components, materials, and production process meet your exact requirements and quality standards. Our strategic approach to sourcing guarantees your product's success in the market while optimizing production costs. Our sourcing services consist of:

  1. Material Selection: We'll help you choose the best materials that meet your product's requirements while balancing cost, performance, and sustainability.

  2. Supplier Research & Negotiation: Our team will identify, evaluate, and negotiate with potential suppliers to ensure you receive the best quality and value.

  3. Quality Control: We'll implement a robust quality control process, guaranteeing your products meet your standards and expectations.


Our marketing and product launch experts are committed to guiding you through the complex process of bringing your product to market, ensuring its success and long-term growth. By conducting thorough market research, developing effective pricing strategies, and creating a comprehensive launch plan, we help you navigate the challenges of product launch and establish your product's presence in the competitive landscape. Our services for bringing your product to market cover:

  1. Market Research: We'll conduct in-depth market research to identify your target audience, competition, and potential sales channels.

  2. Pricing Strategy: We'll help you develop a pricing strategy that maximizes your profitability while remaining competitive.

  3. Launch Plan: Our team will create a comprehensive launch plan that includes marketing, distribution, and inventory management strategies tailored to your business.

Ready to turn your product idea into a reality? Get in touch with us today for a free consultation with a member of our team.
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